A La Carte Services has mature, experienced Associates who love animals and plants. Each Associate has been carefully chosen for his or her particular skills and has been screened with background security checks. All are bonded and insured through Travelers Insurance Company.

Pet Visits to your Home

Austin, Texas

(West of 35 to 620 and Wells Branch to Southwest Parkway)

PLEASE NOTE: We do not board pets–our philosophy is that if you can't take them with you, they would rather be in their own home where they feel safe and happy.

Also, please contact us at least one week prior to your scheduled departure (MUCH earlier for holiday periods), so that you have time to complete and return our "Client Information" form and we have time to schedule an unhurried Orientation meeting in your home so your pets can meet and "interview" us, we can understand their routine, get a key, etcetera.

Standard Services at Every Visit Included in the Price

  • Fresh food and water and exercise your pets
  • Walk, cuddle, or play with your pets for a half-hour each visit
  • Clean kitty litter
  • Clean bird cages
  • Feed fish
  • Give any needed medication
  • Bring in the newspaper and mail
  • Water your in-door plants
  • Rotate the lights and bring in flyers
  • Put the TV or radio on timers
  • Open and close Drapes or Blinds
  • Put out trash/recycle on your day (or put them away so no one knows you're gone)

COST is determined by the number of pets you have, the number of visits to your home each day you request, and the number of days you'll need our service. Starts at $20 per half-hour visit for 1-2 pets in our service area.

Payment: For new clients, payment is required at our Orientation Meeting (Check or Cash only please, we do not accept credit cards). Our regular clients are invoiced for subsequent pet sitting assignments, with payment due on the day of their return home–just as you would pay upon your return if you were picking your pet up from the Vet or a kennel.

DISCOUNTS: Law Enforcement and Fire Department 10% Discount, Senior Citizen 10% Discount (the owner, not the pet!)

Your pets will miss you while you're away, but we'll see that they remain safe in their own home where the sights, sounds, toys, and food are familiar. They'll sleep most of the time you're gone, but they'll soon learn we're on our way to feed them and play with them! They won't be traumatized by going to a kennel where they'll be may feel frightened, lonely, and confined and could be exposed to fleas, parasites or other illnesses. We understand cats, dogs, birds, bunnies, bearded dragons — whatever — and promise immaculate, daily kitty litter maintenance.

You can make the most of your time away from home whether it's for business or pleasure knowing your pet is happy and well cared for, and will be there to ecstatically greet you when you get home. You won't be inconvenienced by having to travel to and from the kennel and pay for extra days because they're closed when you get home, or need to impose on busy friends, relatives, or neighbors. You'll also know someone you trust is ensuring your home looks "lived in," your mail is safely inside the house, and that someone is taking daily precautions to foil potential intruders.

When you have a trusted Professional Pet Sitter to care for your pets, you'll be able to add spontaneity back into your life and be able to go out of town on a whim!

We have several mature, experienced Associates who also love animals that help her during busy holidays. Each has been carefully chosen and screened with background security checks and are also bonded and insured through Travelers Insurance Company.

Upon request, we will fax, mail, or E-Mail (Acrobat .pdf format) our "Client Information" form to you which gives us information about how to reach you while you're away and specific information about your pets and requirements. Then prior to your trip out of town, we'll schedule a free "orientation meeting" in your home so your pets can "interview" us and we'll finalize plans about the care of your pets and your home. We love pets and will give them gentle, playful care and you'll have peace of mind when business or vacations take you out of town.

Please e-mail ( or call us at (512) 342-2399 for more information.

Law Enforcement, Fire Department, Military, Seniors receive a 10% Discount

*Bonded and Insured by Travelers Insurance Co.

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