A La Carte Personal Assistant & Concierge/Errand Services –

Mean More Free Time for You!

If you, your clients, or your employees could use an occasional “personal assistant” to help with errands, chores, those annoying projects you can’t get your partner to do, organizing that garage or closet, getting ready for a party, putting yor car in the shop, waiting for repair people so you don’t have to take time off from work — whatever– please keep us in mind.The usual cost for services is $25 per hour with a 1 hour minimum. If you don’t see it here, just ask–we’re problem solvers!

In its fourth year, A La Carte Services has several Associates who are Bonded & Insured through Travelers Insurance Company including registered nurses, experienced veterinary technicians, consultants and other professionals. We will happily provide cient references by request.

Some of the many services we have provided our clients:

  • take pets to the groomer or vet — pet taxi
  • go to the cleaners, return videos, pick up prescriptions
  • waiting for repair/remodeling/delivery/installation people so employees
    don’t have to take time off from work
  • word processing and data entry
  • address invitations or Christmas card envelopes
  • research on the Internet
  • in-home daily injections or blood work by a Registered Nurse
  • deliveries, mail packages, make bank deposits
  • overnite house sitting or daily pet sitting visits to your home
  • water your plants or lawn
  • drive you or pick you up from putting your car in the shop
  • help you sell your used car (provide required State forms and “security” while you show or let someone test drive your car–Often up to $2000 more profitable than using a car as a trade-in!)
  • return gifts, mail packages
  • giftwrap gifts
  • set up home office computer equipment
  • find storage for a classic automobiles
  • mail correspondence weekly to Austinites on remote assignment or extended vacations
  • research the best long distance, cell phone, Internet provider, etc. or resolve billing issues for you
  • personal shopper for gifts, a romantic picnic basket with bread, cheese and wine
  • pick up children’s school registration packets, school supplies, etc.
  • take halogen lamps, western boots, shoes, etc. for repair
  • You tell us!

For more information, please call us at (512) 342-2399 or email us at austinpetbiz@yahoo.com.

Law Enforcement, Fire Department, Military, Seniors 10% Discount

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